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Lauren Rosewarne: Masturbation in Pop Culture: Screen, Society, Self

Lexington Books, Lanham/Boulder, 2014, 349 pp
  • Florian Geor MildenbergerEmail author
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Since Thomas Laqueur’s breaking book “Solitary Sex”(2004), research in history and practice of masturbation is playing a major role in cultural and social sciences. Political scientist Lauren Rosewarne from the University of Melbourne describes presentation and discourse over masturbation in cinema blockbusters and TV-series from 2000 to the present. In ten chapters, Rosewarne gives a widespread overview about different forms of reports and classifications about masturbation: men/women, adults/adolescents, couples/singles, actors in movies/series are investigating, discussing, keeping silent, or laughing because of masturbation.

Just in the first chapter, Rosewarne refers to more than 100 movies and TV-series and shows in which masturbation canbe a symbol for evil presence. Spectators can see it in the actor’s explicit gestures or mops and mows, e.g. in the epic horror thriller “Exorcist”. But in most cases obvious masturbation cases aren’t mentioned and actors use a wide range of...

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