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I Know a Lot of Gay Asian Men who Are Actually Tops: Managing and Negotiating Gay Racial Stigma

  • Chong-suk HanEmail author
  • Kristopher Proctor
  • Kyung-Hee Choi
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Despite the well documented cases of racism toward gay Asian men in the gay community in the United States, there is currently little research examining how gay Asian men manage the stigmatized statuses of race. In this article, we examine stigma management strategies employed by gay Asian men and explore how gay Asian men engage in both individual-level and group-level stigma management strategies in an attempt to maintain their self-esteem in light of racism and to directly address the stigma of race by reconceptualizing what it means to be both gay and Asian within the larger gay community.


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  • Kristopher Proctor
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  • Kyung-Hee Choi
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  2. 2.Avila UniversityKansas CityUSA
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