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Churchill Reconsidered

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Review Essay

Mr. Churchills Profession: The Statesman and the Book That Shaped theSpecial Relationship.’ By Peter Clarke. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2012, 347 pp. $30. ISBN: 978–1608193721

Great Contemporaries. By Winston Churchill. Edited with new introduction by James W. Muller. Wilmington, Delaware: ISI Books, 2012, 504 pp. $22. ISBN: 978–1935191995

Books on Winston Churchill continue to flow off the presses. He remains one of the most popular (and likeable) of the giants of World War II: less devious than Roosevelt and a paragon of decency compared to Hitler or Stalin. My library alone holds over 200 books about Churchill—twenty alone on his military leadership along with special studies of Churchill’s view of the Soviet Union, his attitude toward Zionism, Churchill as a painter, etc.

Two new books continue our fascination with Churchill: Peter Clarke’s interpretation of how Churchill’s historical writings influenced his ideas about the special relationship with America, Mr. Churchills...


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