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Past and Present: Some Reflections on American-Jewish Intellectuals

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50th Anniversary Issue: Past, Present, Future

IN MEMORIAM: Norman Fruman, soldier, scholar, loyal friend

“Shame and contrition, because we have not done enough, weigh even more heavily upon the Jews of the free countries [than on the Allied powers]. Not only do we have the greater responsibility of kinsmen, but our own weakness may be one of the causes why so little has been done. The history of our times will one day make bitter reading, when it records that some Jews were so morally uncertain that they denied they were obligated to risk their own safety in order to save other Jews who were being done to death abroad.” BEN HALPERN

“We and the European Jews,” JEWISH FRONTIER, August, 1943.


The first issue of SOCIETY appeared in November of 1963, 6 months after the publication of a single book made it clear how much American Jews were still living “abroad,” in both the shadow of the Holocaust and the afterglow of the creation of the state of Israel. Just a few years after the destruction of European Jewry, a martyred people...


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