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Sir Francis Galton and the Roots of Eugenics

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Karl Pearson’s four-volume The Life, Letters and Labours of Francis Galton, 1914–1930, is the foundation of all subsequent biographies. Among recent works, D. W. Forrest’s 1974 Francis Galton: the Life and Work of a Victorian Genius, is the most readable. Nicholas Wright Gillham’s 2001 A life of Sir Francis Galton is the most comprehensive. Michael Bulmer’s 2003 Francis Galton: Pioneer of Heredity and Biometry is the most suitable for scientific readers, with systematic treatments of Galton’s work on the mechanism of heredity, evolutionary problems, statistics, and biometry. It should also be mentioned that the website claims to have all Galton’s published works, plus Karl Pearson’s biography, in its files.

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