A Tour de Force in Understanding Intergroup Inequality: An Introduction to Stratification Economics

  • William A. DarityJr.
  • Darrick HamiltonEmail author
  • James B. Stewart


This special edition of the Review of Black Political Economics provides a contribution to the growing, vital and intellectually rich field of stratification economics. Stratification economics is an emerging field in economics that seeks to expand the boundaries of the analysis of how economists analyze intergroup differences. It examines the competitive, and sometimes collaborative, interplay between members of social groups animated by their collective self-interest to attain or maintain relative group position in a social hierarchy. The collection of articles in this volume span both quantitative and qualitative approaches, geographical distances (Bangladesh, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, and the U.S.), types of intergroup disparity (class, race, ethnicity, tribe, gender, and phenotype), and outcomes associated with social stratification (property rights in identity, human capital, financial capital, consumer surplus, health, and labor market outcomes).


Stratification economics Racial disparity Ethnic disparity 



William Darity, Jr. and Darrick Hamilton would like to acknowledge and thank the Ford Foundation for their generous support while conducting this research.


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