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Jordan Peele (Dir.), GET OUT [Motion Picture] Blumhouse Productions, 2017. Running Time, 1 h 44 min

  • Judson L. Jeffries

My experience with scary and/or horror movies dates back to my youth. Beware! The Blob/Son of Blob was the first such film I remember seeing in the theater, although it was more of a scary movie than a horror movie. I don’t recall any scenes where I closed my eyes to avoid something that might cause nightmares. Of course, that was more than forty years ago, hence I could very well be misremembering. Looking back however, Beware! The Blob/Son of Blob was (to use a white expression) more cheesy and corny than actually scary, but you couldn’t have convinced me of that back then. Although the scary movie has not been my favorite genre, I have seen my share of them—mainly due to my older siblings’ fascination with them. When I wasn’t being dragged to the theater, I was planted in front of the TV and subjected to: Saturday Night at the Movies, Monday Night at the Movies, Tuesday Night at the Movies, or Wednesday Night at the Movies.There were so many iterations; it was hard to keep track...


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