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Isaac Sacolick: Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology

ACACOM Press, New York, NY, 2017, 283 pp, $29.95, Hardcover, ISBN 978-0-8144-3860-2
  • Sean S. Costigan
Book Review

Last things first: for those who truly appreciate a book from cover to cover, let me commend this book’s really fine index to you. Working your way backwards from the well produced index shows just how much detail, thought and experience Isaac Sacolick brought to the effort of writing Driving Digital. For those who read and work on technological change, it is readily apparent that such a rich volume that is written expressly for leaders and practitioners comes about rarely. Furthermore, when such a volume is crafted by someone who has actually led several organizations through digital transformations it merits close attention.

Driving Digitalcould not have come at a better time. Moore’s Law aside, the cycles of technological change appear to be accelerating. Today, it seems that if a business does not blare about their forward-thinking commitment to artificial intelligence, Big Data, the Cloud or the Internet of Things—phrases and words that are often all strung into the same nearly...

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