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Table 6 Trends comparison

From: Economic Essentials of Online Publishing with Associated Trends and Patterns

  Upstarts Established organizations
Organizational dynamics Less capital, fewer resources More capital, more resources
Hires generalists (less headcount; wears Multiple hats across functions) Hires specialists (more headcount performing specialized functions)
Focused execution on 1 or 2 key initiatives Multiple, parallel projects supported by matrix teams
Agile and nimble; fast execution More overhead from additional layers of management and approval chains
Revenue trends Commonly employ ad networks; less direct sales Primarily sells via direct salesforce; higher rates
Impression based models more common More ability to sell licensing and syndication deals
One of the most important hurdles is to build enough traffic fast enough to generate initial revenues Typically does not need to drive revenues immediately, and can experiment more or afford more mistakes
Expense trends Much leaner and more capital efficient More overhead and higher operating expenses
Engineering often bulk of costs Engineering is a lesser percentage of overall expenses
Infrastructure costs generally lower Higher infrastructure costs
Less content costs Higher content costs
Open source software commonly reduces infrastructure costs Favors enterprise software with expensive support contracts
Salaries can be below market; may be offset by equity (stock options) Competitive market salaries
Content & production trends Smaller content budget Higher content budget
More user-generated and social content More original content
Traffic & distribution trends Primarily focused on SEO and social (often baked into product design) SEO and social usually added in after the fact (after a product’s been built)
Seldom any SEM More likely to include SEM as part of strategy
Focus on increasing pageviews per user Focus on increasing pageviews per user
Frequently marketed online only, and with little to zero advertising buys Frequently augmented with marketing efforts including offline and advertisement buys