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A Case of Cutaneous Malakoplakia in the Head and Neck Region and Review of the Literature

  • Matthew Coates
  • Marcos Martinez Del Pero
  • Ramez Nassif
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Malakoplakia is a rare inflammatory condition that typically occurs in the urinary tract. The cutaneous form is less prevalent, and most commonly occurs in the perianal or genital regions. Here we present a 61 year old lady with cutaneous malakoplakia of the neck, which was successfully treated with surgical excision and a prolonged course of ciprofloxacin. We follow our case report with a discussion and literature review of all seventeen previously reported cutaneous head and neck malakoplakia cases from the literature. A diagnosis of cutaneous malakoplakia should be considered in nodular, ulcerated or discharging lesions that are refractory to treatment. Histology is essential, not only to diagnose malakoplakia, but also to exclude other important differential diagnoses, such as malignancy. Combined surgical excision and prolonged antibiotic courses appear to have the highest success rate. Antibiotics should be culture specific, but quinolones appear to be the best empirical choice.


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Mr. Martin Heaton, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital UK, for all his help with this patient’s surgical reconstructive work.

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  • Marcos Martinez Del Pero
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  • Ramez Nassif
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  1. 1.ENT DepartmentJames Paget University HospitalNorfolkUK
  2. 2.West Suffolk HospitalSuffolkUK
  3. 3.Norfolk and Norwich University HospitalNorwichUK

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