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Localized Tongue Amyloidosis in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type II

  • Dimitrios AndreadisEmail author
  • Athanasios Poulopoulos
  • Petros Papadopoulos
  • Apostolos Epivatianos
Case Report



Localized Amyloidosis (AL) may rarely involve oral mucosa. This is the first known reported case describing the development of tongue AL in a 30-year-old patient with Neurofibromatosis (NF) type-2.


A female patient presented with a painless, well-circumscribed nodule of the tongue. Her medical history included NF type-2 with chromosome-22 abnormal karyotype (mosaicism), multiple intracranial and spinal meningiomas/schwannomas and unilateral blindness/deafness. The biopsy of the excised lesion of the tongue revealed subepithelial accumulation of an amorphous, nodular, fibrillar material positive for Congo red. Blood examination showed increased Thyroxine-T4 due to thyroid multinodular colloid goiter, but excluded any other hematological/immunological disorder or organ dysfunction. No recurrence was observed after a six-month follow-up.


This case highlights the possibility of oral manifestations as the only sign of AL and reveals the unexpected co-existence of AL and NF 2, for the first time.


Oral amyloidosis Neurofibromatosis type II 


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  • Athanasios Poulopoulos
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  • Petros Papadopoulos
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  • Apostolos Epivatianos
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