Normative Data for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone for Screening of Congenital Hypothyroidism: Correspondence

  • Siddhnath SudhanshuEmail author

To the Editor: I have read the article entitled “Normative data for thyroid stimulating hormone for screening of congenital hypothyroidism” published in November 2018 issue of IJP [1]. I congratulate the authors for their successful study and publication of useful and long awaited data. Additionally, I wish to contribute to this remarkable data by highlighting a few important issues from a reader’s point of view.

Firstly, the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) value from a filter paper assay can be expressed in both whole blood units and serum units. In this article, the authors have mentioned TSH cut-offs for a heel prick screen sample on filter paper, for recall of the baby for further action, as 10 mIU/L. Though I think they mean 10 mIU/L whole blood units (i.e., 22 mIU/L serum units); it is not mentioned clearly anywhere in the manuscript. At the present time, most endocrinologists as well as pediatricians, obstetricians and physicians across the country relate to TSH in terms of...


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