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Pediatric Audiology: Jane R. Madell, Carol Flexer, Jace Wolfe, Erin C. Schafer (eds)

Published by Thieme Medical Publishers, New York, USA; Third Edition: 2019; ISBN: 978-1-62623-401-7
  • Shivani Agarwal
  • Alok ThakarEmail author
Book Review

Audiology and hearing rehabilitation has over the last few decades, evolved from a situation wherein little was available for the hearing impaired, to a situation wherein even children born “deaf” and with no auditory or language experience are now being reliably treated and rehabilitated with near normal hearing, speech, and language. Barring for economic limitations, it is now the norm for hearing impaired children and adolescents to be fully integrated into normal schools and normal society. In contrast to other sensory impairments such as vision, sensation, olfaction and taste, this is the one sensory disability wherein science seems to have found a near complete solution to loss of the cochlear sense organ and even loss of the auditory nerve. The science, the skills, and the craft behind this fascinating advance is comprehensively described in this particular book.

The book is directed mainly at audiology and hearing rehabilitation professionals. The scope of the book is all...


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