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Oxford Specialist Handbooks in Paediatrics - Paediatric Neurology: Rob Forsyth and Richard Newton (eds)

Published by Oxford University Press, UK; Third Edition: 2018; ISBN: 978-0-19-878444-9
  • Satinder Aneja
Book Review

This handbook, ably edited by two eminent Pediatric neurologists, is from series of specialist handbooks published by Oxford University Press. The contributors of this multi author book are practising Pediatric neurologists from various centres of UK.

The 3rd edition of the book has been updated and incorporates all relevant recent advances in genetics and includes a chapter on principles of neurogenetics and special investigations in pediatric neurology.

The first chapter on clinical approach is very practical and written with great sensitivity. This is followed by a section on signs and symptoms based approach which outlines approach to evaluation and diagnosis. The section dealing with specific conditions contains concise updated information about specific disorders. The book also includes very useful chapters on subjects rarely addressed such as care of disabled child, respiratory disease in neurodisability and incidental findings on MRI. Another highlight of the book which will certainly appeal to trainees/fellows in Pediatric neurology is a chapter devoted to consultations with other specialities. The chapters on emergencies and pharmacopoeia makes it a complete handbook - a trusted companion to be carried in person.

The format is reader friendly. The text is appropriately supplemented by diagrammatic representations, flow charts and algorithms. Considering that the current generation of specialists are more familiar with e-books, I hope there is a kindle edition as well. Overall it is a comprehensive practical guide for day to day care of children with neurological disorders. I strongly recommend it for practising Pediatricians as well as trainees in pediatric neurology.

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