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Is Pre-operative Chemotherapy Desirable in all Patients of Wilms’ Tumor?

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The timing and role of chemotherapy in the management of Wilms’ tumor has long been the matter of debate, with different groups showing equally comparable and encouraging results. Over the last decade, however, both the ideol-ogies seem to be converging and the attempt has been to identify groups benefitting with pre-operative chemotherapy, as well as those, where upfront resection should be attempted. In this article authors intend to discuss pros and cons of both the strategies and their applicability in a resource poor setting in developing countries like India.


Wilms’ tumor Pre-operative chemotherapy Upfront resection 



AJ: Review of literature and drafting the manuscript; SA: Review of literature, prepared the final draft of the manuscript and will act as guarantor for the paper; SB: Review of the paper and medical oncology inputs.

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