The Indian Journal of Pediatrics

, Volume 84, Issue 6, pp 492–493 | Cite as

Mycotic Aneurysm of Ductal Arteriosus in a Previously Healthy Infant

  • Michiko Kawai
  • Isao Miyairi
  • Hiroshi Ono
  • Osamu Miyazaki
  • Akira Ishiguro
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Michiko Kawai
    • 1
  • Isao Miyairi
    • 2
  • Hiroshi Ono
    • 3
  • Osamu Miyazaki
    • 4
  • Akira Ishiguro
    • 5
  1. 1.Department of General Pediatrics and Interdisciplinary MedicineNational Center for Child Health and DevelopmentTokyoJapan
  2. 2.Division of Infectious DiseasesNational Center for Child Health and DevelopmentTokyoJapan
  3. 3.Division of CardiologyNational Center for Child Health and DevelopmentTokyoJapan
  4. 4.Department of RadiologyNational Center for Child Health and DevelopmentTokyoJapan
  5. 5.Department of Postgraduate Education and TrainingNational Center for Child Health and DevelopmentTokyoJapan

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