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Efficacy and Safety of Saccharomyces boulardii in Acute Childhood Diarrhea: A Double Blind Randomised Controlled Trial



To see the efficacy and safety of 250 mg of Saccharomyces boulardii twice daily for 5 d in acute childhood diarrhea.


Children aged between 3 mo and 59 mo with acute onset diarrhea (of less than 48 h) admitted in DTTU (diarrhea treatment and training unit) were included and those with clinical evidence of severe malnutrition, systemic infection, encephalopathy and/or convulsion, electrolyte imbalance, invasive diarrhea or previous use of any probiotics were excluded from the study. Those included randomly were given either a placebo or Saccharomyces boullardi (SB) in identical packets mixed with puffed rice powder.


Mean post intervention duration of diarrhea was significantly (95% CI = −28.13 to −5.43) shorter in SB group (52.08 ± 24.57 h) as compared to placebo group (64.04 ± 30.43 h). The time of appearance of first semi formed stool in SB group (39.48 ± 23.09 h) was significantly (95% CI −25.4 to −3.87) shorter than the placebo group (54.13 ± 28.21 h). No statistically significant difference was found in rest of the parameters.


There is initial evidence available that SB may have a therapeutic role in the management of acute childhood diarrhea.

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