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Objective. To study the substance misuse in pregnant mothers and its impact on their newborns

Methods. Case note review of the study population was undertaken. Infants of mothers who had taken substance of misuse were monitored regularly using Finneganșs score and treatment initiated based on a pre-existing protocol. The parameters that were studied included maternal drug habits, antenatal problems, and neonatal epidemiology with particular reference to growth, Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), its severity and management

Results. Out of 32 neonates, 28 had developed neonatal withdrawal requiring treatment. The earliest presentation of NAS was at six hours and the average time of presentation of NAS was 26 hours. The dose of methadone taken by the mother related well with the likelihood of development of NAS. The most common symptoms noted at the time of diagnosis were irritable cry, increased tone, tachypnea, sleeplessness and tremor

Conclusion. Majority of neonates born to mothers on methadone exhibit neonatal abstinence syndrome and require pharmacological treatment. Neonates who had not exhibited symptoms of drug withdrawal within the first 3 days of life are unlikely to present with NAS requiring treatment

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