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On a conjecture on APN permutations


The single trivariate representation proposed in [C. Beierle, C. Carlet, G. Leander, L. Perrin, A Further Study of Quadratic APN Permutations in Dimension Nine, arXiv:2104.08008] of the two sporadic quadratic APN permutations in dimension 9 found by Beierle and Leander (2020) is further investigated. In particular, using tools from algebraic geometry over finite fields, we prove that such a family does not contain any other APN permutation for larger dimensions.

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The research of D. Bartoli and M. Timpanella was partially supported by the Italian National Group for Algebraic and Geometric Structures and their Applications (GNSAGA - INdAM). The second author was supported by the project ”VALERE: VAnviteLli pEr la RicErca” of the University of Campania ”Luigi Vanvitelli”. The authors are grateful to C. Beierle, C. Carlet, G. Leander, and L. Perrin for a number of valuable comments on an earlier draft.

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