One-weight and two-weight \(\mathbb {Z}_{2}\mathbb {Z}_{2}[u,v]\)-additive codes


In this paper, a class of additive codes which is referred to as \(\mathbb {Z}_{2}\mathbb {Z}_{2}[u,v]\)-additive codes is introduced. This is a generalization towards another direction of recently introduced \(\mathbb {Z}_{2}\mathbb {Z}_{4}\) codes (Doughterty et al., Appl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput. 27(2), 123–138, 7). A MacWilliams-type identity that relates the weight enumerator of a code with its dual is proved. Furthermore, the structure and possible weights for all one-weight and two-weight \(\mathbb {Z}_{2}\mathbb {Z}_{2}[u,v]\)-additive codes are described. Additionally, we also construct some one-weight and two-weight \(\mathbb {Z}_{2}\mathbb {Z}_{2}[u,v]\)-additive codes to illustrate our obtained results.

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  • Additive codes
  • One-weight codes
  • Two-weight codes
  • MacWilliams identity

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