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Late recurrence (more than 10 years) in early (tumors equal to or smaller than 2 cm) breast cancer patients

  • J. GiulianiEmail author
  • A. Mercanti
  • A. Bonetti

Breast cancer late recurrence is a topic poorly treated by the literature. In particular, the reported recurrence rate at ≥10 years for stage I–III primary breast cancer was 5.8 %, with overall 10-year cumulative disease-free survival (DFS) rate of 79.5 % [1]. To our knowledge, recurrence rate at ≥10 years for early breast cancer (pT1pN0) was not reported in literature. Actually, there is no clear definition of late recurrence regarding the number of years from the primary treatment. As other authors [1], we defined late recurrence as recurrence at ≥10 years.

Recently, Oven Ustaalioglu et al. [2] evaluated retrospectively 1980 breast cancer patients and they compared clinicopathological factors with respect to the time of recurrence between early (if it was occured first 5 years of follow-up) and late (if it was occured after 5 years). Recurrence was detected in 141 patient during follow-up. They found that tumors recurred after 5 years more likely to have lower stage (p = 0.05),...


Early breast cancer Late recurrence Prognostic factors 


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