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Table 8 Some examples of device management-centric solutions

From: Blockchain smart contracts: Applications, challenges, and future trends

Publication Contribution Description
Ellul and Pace [29] AlkylVM AlkylVM is a split-virtual machine that allows for resource-constrained IoT devices to interact with blockchain systems.
Javaid et al. [45] IoT-Blockchain model IoT-Blockchain model is an IoT device and server communication framework on Ethereum using a customized smart contract which enables a better defense mechanism against DDoS and rogue device attacks.
Loukil et al. [58] PrivBlockchain PrivBlockchain is an end-to-end privacy-preserving framework for the IoT data using blockchain technology. The proposed smart contracts are used to improve the data ownership, transparency, and auditability for users.
Singla et al. [90] LMS Leave Management System (LMS) is a secure reliable leave management system through blockchain smart contract handled via mobile or IoT devices.
Wang et al. [96] PoRX Proof-of-Reputation-X (PoRX) is a reputation incentive scheme for blockchain consensus of Industrial Internet of Things.
Wright et al. [104] SmartEdge SmartEdge is an Ethereum-based smart contract for edge computing. It is a low-cost, low-overhead tool for compute-resource management.
Zhao et al. [116] Software update protocol It is a blockchain based privacy-preserving protocol, which delivers secure and reliable updates for the IoT devices with an incentive mechanism while protects the privacy of involved users.