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Validation of H-P2PSIP, a scalable solution for interoperability among different overlay networks


This paper reports the results of experiments from an implementation of H-P2PSIP, a hierarchical overlay architecture based on the ongoing work in the IETF P2PSIP Working Group. This architecture allows the exchange of information among different independent overlay networks through the use of a two-layer architecture based on super-peers and hierarchical identifiers. The validation of this proposal is based on a Linux based real implementation where we have used four different scenarios with 1,000 peers in order to perform different experiments. We have obtained results for different parameters such as routing performance (number of hops), delay, routing state (number of overlay routing entries) and bandwidth consumption.

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  4. Although RELOAD considers overlay networks in general, it is especially focused on structured Peer-to-Peer networks, mainly Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs). Thereby, we use from this moment both terms overlay network and peer-to-peer network with the same meaning. Each term is selected depending on the context where it is used.








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We would like to acknowledge the anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments and Felix Gomez- Fernandez for his collaboration in this work. This research was supported in part by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n 25774 (TREND Network of Excellence), Comunidad de Madrid grant S-2009/TIC-1468 (MEDIANET project) and Spanish MICINN grant TEC2011-29688-C02-02 (eeCONTENT project).

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