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Tracheostomy Tube as Foreign Body in Right Main Bronchus: A Case Report


Tracheostomy is a commonly performed procedure to secure airway in patients who need prolonged airway support (Marchese et al. in Respir Med 104(5):749–753, 2010). It is relatively safe procedure but associated with few early and late complications (Fernandez-Bussy et al. in J Bronchol Interv Pulmonol 22(4):357–364, 2015). Metallic tracheostomy tubes were used in patients in the past. Those tubes were associated with fracture and dislodgement due to corrosive injury. Few case reports have been published in the past (Lynrah et al. in Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 76(11):1691–1695, 2012; Agarwal and Agarwal in Indian J Chest Dis Allied Sci 53(2):111, 2011). PVC tubes are less prone for fracture, but wear and tear associated with prolonged use can lead to break in the tube and dislodgement. We successfully diagnosed and managed such a case of broken PVC Tracheostomy tube in right main bronchus and share our experiences.

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