The Tooth Crossing the Confinement of Mandible: An Unique Expression of Central Variety of Dentigerous Cyst


Dentigerous cyst (DC) is the most common developmental cyst that occurs in either jaw with a reported frequency of 18.1% (Jones et al. J Oral Pathol Med 35:500–507, 2006). DC literally means a tooth bearing cyst, and it is named due to the fact the it is almost always associated with an impacted or unerupted tooth in the jaw. The most common tooth involved by DC is mandibular third molar, since it is most common tooth to get impacted, followed by mandibular canine, maxillary third molars and mandibular premolars and less commonly maxillary central incisor. However, the association of mandibular second molar is unusual with an incidence of about 1.1%. We report a case of a 28 years old male diagnosed with an impacted mandibular third molar associated with DC and its surgical management.

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