A Sizeable Solitary Pedunculated Peripheral Osteoma of the Hard Palate: A Case Report


Osteomas are benign, slow growing, usually sessile osteogenic tumors of unknown etiology. They arise from proliferation of either cancellous or compact bone. They can be central, peripheral or extra-skeletal based on their origin from endosteum, periosteum or extra-skeletal soft tissue respectively. They are commonly found in the skull and facial bones, the most common site in the maxillofacial region being paranasal sinuses. Among the jaw bones the most common site is the mandible. The hard palate is a rare site for such osteomas with a very few cases reported in literature. We report a case of large pedunculated peripheral osteoma of the hard palate in a 38 year old male. The tumor was excised with no recurrence after 3 years followup.

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