Idiopathic Isolated Nasal Amyloidosis: Report of a Rare Case with Review of Literature


Deposition of amyloid in localized form is rare and most often involves head and neck region. Localized amyloidosis carries good prognosis with surgical debridement offering symptomatic benefit. We present an adolescent male presenting with localized sinonasal amyloidosis managed previously with conservative surgical debridement. The patient was symptomatic from early childhood and the previous histopathological reports were non-specific inflammation. A repeat biopsy revealed features of amyloidosis and retrospective review of past slides revealed the same. On explaining the course of the disease and prognosis, the patient opted for regular follow up. A pertinent comprehensive literature review of the condition is discussed.

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We thank Dr. Dheeraj Gautam (Department of Pathology, Medanta- The Medicity, Gurugram), for providing us with the pathology slides of the patient.

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