Solitary Plasmacytoma of Frontal Bone: A Case Report

  • Aditya Gargava
  • Sudhakar Vaidya
  • J. K. Sharma
Clinical Report


A 42 years old male presenting with complaints of swelling on the left supraorbital region since—5 months. Swelling was gradual in onset and progressive in nature. On examination it was a single swelling 5 × 6 cm, with diffuse margins, skin over the swelling was red and stretched, swelling is firm in consistency, fixed, tender on touch, non pulsatile with diffuse irregular margin. FNAC. Smears are positive for malignancy. Bone marrow examination was normal. Excision of the mass from the left frontal sinus, orbit and supraorbital region under GA and sent for HPR. Definitive treatment of choice is: radiotherary 45–50 Gy/4–5 weeks, chemotherapy and surgery. Prognosis is good with local recurrence (< 10%).


Solitary plasmacytoma Multiple myeloma Frontal sinus 


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  1. 1.Department of ENTLN Medical College and JK HospitalBhopalIndia
  2. 2.Department of ENTR.D Gardi Medical collegeUjjainIndia

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