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A Clinical Study of Oral Mucosal Lesions in Patients Visiting a Tertiary Care Centre in Central India


The aim of this study was to find the frequency of various oral mucosal lesions in relation to age, sex, site and associated addiction habits. This retrospective study was done in tertiary care centre including 1280 patients of oral mucosal lesions. Clinical findings and detailed history of their addiction habits with frequency and duration was noted from the existing data. Cytological and histopathological diagnosis of various lesions was recorded to conclude diagnosis. The most common lesion in this study was found to be aphthous ulcers (44.5 %), followed by leukoplakia (12.9 %). The most common site of involvement was tongue in aphthous ulcers and buccal mucosa in leukoplakia. In the present study 66.46 % cases were non malignant, 21.2 % cases were premalignant and the remaining 11.9 % cases were found to be malignant. Oral lesions are common finding in patients presenting to ENT OPD. Aphthous ulcers are common oral lesions. A patient with oral mucosal lesion should be examined for dietary deficiency, systemic disease or premalignant state with simultaneous counseling to quit addiction.

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