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A novel algorithm for efficient utilization of gemstone using genetic algorithm


In this paper, a novel method is used for fitting a polished and faceted object which is also called as a gem or diamond in a given rough gemstone using genetic algorithm. The goal of proposed Genetic Algorithm based Multiple Object Fitting algorithm is to maximize the utilization of the volume of rough gemstone by fitting the largest number of polished gemstones inside rough gemstone. One of the most difficult tasks is to fit the number of polished gemstones and positioning of each and every polished gemstone within the rough gemstone in order to minimize the waste. This is an optimization problem that is used to find the position, orientation, and scaling parameters of all the polished gemstones within a given rough gemstone such that the sum of volumes of all polished gemstones is maximized. The major novelty of proposed work is to fit more than one object in a given rough stone. The simulation results demonstrate the efficiency of our proposed algorithm.

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  • Gemstone cutting
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