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Table 4 Annotation vocabulary used for elderly people and patients

From: Advanced Sensing and Human Activity Recognition in Early Intervention and Rehabilitation of Elderly People

High-level activity Mid-level activity Low-level activity Modes of locomotion Object interaction
Sleeping Position trousers Grasp Stand Glass
Waking up Put on trousers Release Walk Fork
Dressing Use tooth paste Move object Sit Knife
Tooth brush routine Brush teeth Hold Sit down Cutlery
Hair routine Clean mouth Squeeze Stand up Plate
Clean hands routine Use soap Enter Lie Cookie
Toilet routine Wash hands Leave Lie down Pants
Medication routine Dry hands Close Sit up Toothbrush
Door interaction Open toilet lid Slide in one leg Turn around Comb
Lunch Close toilet lid Slide in one foot Supine lying Hairbrush
Coffee time Flush toilet Pull up trousers Right lying Towel
  Use toilet paper Take a sip Left lying Toilet paper
  Carry food Take a bite Lean forward Toilet lid
  Eat with cutlery Cut food Straighten body Water tap
  Eat with hand Clean (toilet) Sit inside bed Sink
  Take pill Comb hair Sit up inside bed Soap
  Drink Adjust hair Sit on edge of bed Door
    Stand up from bed Chair
     Pill box