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Bilateral internal thoracic artery use in coronary bypass surgery: is there a benefit?



Over the past three decades, there have been a plethora of retrospective observational data and meta-analyses which support the hypothesis of improved clinical outcomes using bilateral internal thoracic arteries (BITA) when compared to saphenous vein grafts (SVGs). However, recently published results have brought this thinking into doubt. We discuss the existing literature on the subject and attempt to clarify the appropriate use of BITA in coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG).


A review of all existing meta-analyses on BITA was conducted to better understand the utility of BITA in CABG. A review of the largest randomized controlled trials on the subject was then compared to the observational data.


In all existing meta-analyses, BITA shows a significant advantage over the use of a single internal thoracic artery (SITA) with SVGs. The two largest randomized controlled trials evaluating BITA failed to show a survival advantage and brought into question the complications associated with BITA.


At present, the use of multiple arterial grafts remains a reasonable choice, particularly in young patients, provided that their use does not increase the operative risk. Further evidence currently being collected may lend a definitive answer in the near future.

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