Pediatric chylothorax—lymphatic imaging enables targeted surgical treatment

  • Simon KarglEmail author
  • Beate Maier-Hiebl
Case Report


Chylothorax—the collection of lymphatic fluid in the pleural space—is a rare finding in otherwise healthy adolescents. Initially, clinical signs and symptoms are often non-specific and a wide range of underlying causes necessitates extensive diagnostic workup. Treatment options include dietary measures, medical treatment, and various surgical procedures. We report about a 12-year-old boy with accidental diagnosis of chylothorax. Lymphatic imaging led to visualization of a leakage of an accessory left-sided thoracic duct and thoracoscopic clipping was successfully performed. Lymphatic imaging procedures depict underlying causes of chylothorax allowing targeted therapeutic management.


Chylothorax Pediatric Lymphatic imaging 


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