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Surgical management of diaphragmatic injuries



Traumatic diaphragmatic lesions have variable presentations and need a high index of suspicion to be diagnosed in the acute phase. Delayed diagnosis is frequently associated with considerable comorbidity.

Material and Methods

The present retrospective study aims to evaluate the radiological findings and discuss the surgical approach for the repair of the injured diaphragm. This study includes fifteen cases with diaphragmatic injuries, which were surgically managed between 1994 and 2005. Injuries resulted from violent blunt trauma in twelve patients and three patients had penetrating injuries. Patients presented with hypotension, respiratory insufficiency, acute abdomen and hemothorax. Preoperative diagnosis was established in 12/15 (80%) patients depending on the clinical and the chest skiagram findings. Intra-operative diagnosis was made in the rest. Injuries were more common on the left side (11/15, 73.33%). All these patients underwent repair of the defect by direct closure in double layer using monofilament polypropylene suture. In addition, laparotomy was performed in four patients who had liver and spleen injury. Concomitant procedures included lobectomy, segmentectomy, repair of lung laceration, spleenectomy, spleenorraphy, repair of gastric perforation, intestinal perforation and mesenteric tear.


One patient died (1/15, 6.66%) of associated injuries. Two patients with major liver injuries had prolonged drainage and repeated subdiaphragmatic collections.


Associated lesions particularly influence the outcome after traumatic lesions of the diaphragm. Surgical exploration is mandatory whenever diaphragmatic injuries are suspected. Right-sided injuries are best exposed and managed through the right thoracotomy. Direct suture is effective in preventing future specific complications.

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