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Table 2 On-mode power consumption of energy efficient TVs by region

From: Energy savings opportunities in the global digital television transition

Region USA USA China Developing countries
Data source ENERGY STAR Most efficient ENERGY STAR Top 10 China Global LEAP Awardsa
Year 2015 2015 2015 2013–2014
Screen size (diagonal, inches) 15–24 23–24 32 15–23
On-mode power performance (W/in2) 0.06–0.11 0.07–0.11 0.06–0.12 0.05–0.10
Power consumption (W) estimated for a 23-inch TVb 14–25 16–25 14–27 11–23
  1. aGlobal LEAP Award nominees were required to provide a brief written explanation, in English, of how the product warranty is serviced in two of the following six countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. The tested TVs are DC LED-LCD TVs, which are generally more efficient than AC LED-LCD TVs. The AC-to-DC conversion in the TV system typically results in an estimated 3–15% electricity loss
  2. bAuthors’ calculation
  3. Source: US EPA (2015a), US EPA (2015b), Top 10 China (2015), Global LEAP (2014)