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Table 3 Indian SEAD award-winning models vs. India 5 Stars qualification

From: Efficiency improvement opportunities for televisions in India: implications for market transformation programs

Size category Model Brand/ manufacturer On-mode power performance [W/cm2]
(on-mode power)
Star rating 5 Stars qualification (W)
Small UA26EH4000R Samsung 0.0134 (24.9 W) 82
Medium UA40EH5330R Samsung 0.0107 (47.4 W) 193
Large 47LM6700 LG 0.0071 (43.4 W) 267
  1. Source: Park 2013
  2. India Star Rating requirements are based on annual energy consumption in kWh per year. Assumptions applied to the above table are as follows: 0.3 W of standby-mode power; 6 h of daily usage