Design variables optimization effects on acceleration and contact force of the double sliders-crank mechanism having multiple revolute clearance joints by use of the Taguchi method based on a grey relational analysis


This study developed a mechanism with two sliders for a planer machine, in order to enhance productivity. First, the effects of the clearance size and seven imperfect revolute joints on the dynamic characteristics of the proposed mechanism were analyzed by finite element analysis in ANSYS software. In order to improve the dynamic behavior, an optimal design was carried out via the Taguchi method with grey relational analysis. The simulation results demonstrated that the clearance size has a slight effect on the velocity and greatly affects the accelerations of the two sliders and contact forces in the seven revolute clearance joints. The values of velocity, acceleration of the two sliders and contact force increased when the clearance size increased, as compared with an ideal joint. It was found that the optimal design parameters for both the acceleration of the first slider and the contact force in the first revolute clearance joint (RCJ) are an input velocity at 500 rpm, a length of bearing at 15 mm, a journal radius at 9.7 mm, the material’s structural steel with a Young’s modulus of 69 GPa and a clearance at 0.1 mm. The optimal results of acceleration and contact force are 186.45 (m/s2) and 106.854 (N) respectively, with a 3.92% error for acceleration and 9.99% for contact force compared with the simulation results.

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The authors acknowledge and thank the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of China for their partial financial support of this study under Contract Number MOST 105-2221-E-151-016.

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  • Slider-crank mechanism
  • two sliders
  • multiple clearance joints
  • optimization