Impact analysis of mobile phone electromagnetic radiations on human electroencephalogram


The experimental study of electromagnetic interference of mobile phone radiations on brain waves is a contemporary research area and the ever-increasing use of mobile phones make it more imperative to explore the problem area in detail. Electromagnetic signal from mobile phones operating in Global System for Mobile (GSM) and wide band code division multiple access (WCDMA), has been considered in this paper and their interference impacts have been analyzed on the human electroencephalogram (EEG). The impact on brain waves i.e., delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves are analyzed in five modes namely ideal mode i.e., when mobile phone is not in use, transmission mode and the receiving modes of second generation (2G) and third generation (3G) networks. The data has been acquired from 75 young and healthy students of a post graduate institute while the students were making their routine calls. The acquired EEG signal is analyzed using various parameters viz.; Approximate Entropy(ApEn), Largest Lyapunov Exponent (LLE), Hurst Exponent (HE), Correlation dimension (CD) and the power of the brain waves have also been analyzed. It has been found that due to mobile phone usage, there is variation in the nonlinear parameters and increase in the power of the alpha brain waves at T5O1 during 3GRx and decrease in alpha power at the P4O2 channel in all modes. It has been observed that the change at the right temporal region is more, the side to which mobile phone was held. The Statistical analysis has also been done using SPSS software which shows significant variations at some of the channels in different modes.

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The authors are thankful to Dr. Pawan K Kansal, Senior Cardiologist, Mukat Hospital & Heart Institute, Chandigarh for his valuable suggestions, time and help in the interpretation EEG data. Thanks are due to the learned reviewers for their valuable comments which helped us to improve the quality of the paper.

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  • Approximate entropy
  • correlation dimension
  • electromagnetic radiations
  • Hurst exponent
  • largest lyapunov exponent