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Single-current-sensor-based active front-end-converter-fed four quadrants induction motor drive

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Induction motor (IM) is a workhorse of the industry, whose dynamics can be modified close to that of a separately excited DC machine by field-oriented control technique, which is commonly known as vector control of induction machine. This paper presents a complete performance of the field-oriented control of IM drive in all four quadrants with a single-current-sensor-based active front end converter whose work is to regulate DC link voltage, draw pure sinusoidal currents at unity power factor and to facilitate bi-directional power flow between the grid and the drive. The entire system is completely modelled in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the results are discussed in detail. The vector control analogy of the back to back converters is highlighted along with the experimental results of field-oriented control of induction machine using a dsPIC30F6010A digital signal controller.

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\( R_{s} \) :

stator resistance per phase

\( L_{s} \) :

stator inductance per phase

\( L_{o} \) :

magnetizing inductance per phase

\( \sigma \) :

resultant leakage constant

\( \sigma_{r} \) :

rotor leakage constant

\( M_{d} \) :

developed electromagnetic torque

P :

number of poles

\( \uppsi_{r} \) :

rotor flux space phasor

\( T_{r} \) :

rotor time constant

\( V_{sd} \) :

stator voltage along d-axis

\( i_{sd} \) :

stator current along d-axis

\( V_{sq} \) :

stator voltage along q-axis

\( i_{sq} \) :

stator current along q-axis

\( i_{mr} \) :

current responsible for rotor flux

\( \omega_{s} \) :

speed of rotor flux in electrical radians per second

\( \omega_{e} \) :

speed of rotor in electrical radians per second

\( L_{f} \) :

coupling inductance per phase

\( R_{f} \) :

grid resistance per phase

\( V_{gd} \) :

grid voltage along d-axis

\( V_{id} \) :

converter voltage along d-axis

\( V_{gq} \) :

grid voltage along q-axis

\( V_{iq} \) :

converter voltage along q-axis

\( \omega_{gs} \) :

grid angular frequency

\( C \) :

DC link capacitance

\( V_{dc} \) :

DC link voltage

\( i_{gd} \) :

reactive component of grid line current along d-axis

\( i_{gq} \) :

active component of grid line current along q-axis

\( P_{grid} \) :

active power drawn from the grid

\( P_{load} \) :

active power supplied to load

\( P_{motor} \) :

active power supplied to motor

\( Q_{motor} \) :

reactive power supplied to motor

\( Q_{grid} \) :

reactive power drawn from the grid

\( i_{gd\_ref} \) :

reactive component reference of grid line current

\( i_{gq\_ref} \) :

active component reference of grid line current

\( i_{sd\_ref} \) :

flux component reference of motor line current

\( i_{sq\_ref} \) :

torque component reference of motor line current

\( F_{s} \) :

switching frequency of the converters

\( i_{beta\_est\_grid} \) :

estimated beta current (grid side)

\( i_{beta\_grid\,current } \) :

actual beta current (grid side)


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