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Numerical and experimental analysis on tensile properties of banana and glass fibers reinforced epoxy composites


In present day scenario, moving towards an environment friendly material is a key issue for manufacturing industries in order to provide suitable alternatives for the existing conventional materials. Natural fibers have higher economic impact and miniature in density when compared to glass fibers while making composites. Though the strength of natural fibers is not as high as glass fibers, their specific properties are comparable. In this paper a study has been carried out to find the tensile characteristics of hybrid composite made by intruding unidirectional banana and glass fibers into epoxy resin mixture. The hand lay-up method of fabrication was employed in preparing the composites of unidirectional glass fiber (UGF) and unidirectional banana/glass fiber (U B/G F). Tensile properties of the composites are verified using ANSYS. It is observed from the findings that the numerical analysis is found to be higher than experimental analysis. Hybridization of banana fiber shows better tensile properties. It is evident from the result that, comparatively equal displacement is obtained for the varying load for both the composites. The surface morphology of the tested composites is analyzed through scanning electron microscope (SEM).

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