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Two-motor single-inverter field-oriented induction machine drive dynamic performance


Multi-machine, single-inverter induction motor drives are attractive in situations in which all machines are of similar ratings, and operate at approximately the same load torques. The advantages include small size compared to multi-inverter system, lower weight and overall cost. However, field oriented control of such drives is a challenge since no two motors will have exactly the same operating conditions at any time. In general, at least some motors in the system will operate away from perfect field orientation. It is therefore important to analyse their torque dynamics carefully. This paper discusses existing multi-machine field-oriented control methods, and analyses and compares them from the viewpoint of dynamic performance. For this, an analytical framework based on small-signal analysis is developed to compare multi-machine control methods. This analysis is verified by simulations and experiments.

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  • Multi-machine induction motor drives
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