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Mapping aquifer geometry and fresh-saline interface in the alluvial plains of Kasai–Suvarnarekha interfluve, eastern India


Groundwater overextraction-related saline water ingress and up-coning is a common phenomenon in coastal aquifers and can only be managed by adequate delineation of its geometry. In the present multi-disciplinary study, the aquifer geometry as well as fresh and saline water interface is delineated using hydrogeophysical information of the alluvial plain of Kasai Suvarnarekha interfluve, eastern India which is having a coastal extension. The combined interpretation of data from 58 boreholes for geophysical and 126 lithological logs along with depth-wise electrical conductivities elucidates the presence of multi-layered aquifers in the area. It has been delineated that groundwater is available at three aquifer levels. The integrated study shows that there is massive saline water intrusion into freshwater aquifers affecting the potentiality and quality of groundwater. It is inferred that the interface is more towards the inland side for the shallow aquifer compared to the deeper ones of the study area. The interface is maximum up to 52, 36 and 15 km for Aquifer-I, Aquifer-II and Aquifer-III respectively. The study is significant in enabling the rational planning of these coastal aquifers to avoid fresh and saline water intermixing and up-coning.

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The paper is mainly based on the fieldwork carried out by the first author during his tenure as a scientist at CGWB and has been used as a part of PhD work. The authors are grateful to the scientists of CGWB, India, for their cooperation and assistance at different stages of the work.

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Sinha R carried out the data collection, analysis, interpretation and manuscript preparation. Shalivahan conceptualised and supervised this study, and reviewed the manuscript.

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Correspondence to Ranjan Sinha.

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Communicated by Abhijit Mukherjee

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Sinha, R., Shrivastava, S. Mapping aquifer geometry and fresh-saline interface in the alluvial plains of Kasai–Suvarnarekha interfluve, eastern India. J Earth Syst Sci 131, 176 (2022).

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  • Aquifer
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