Coupling of \(\hbox {CH}_{3}\)OH and \(\hbox {CO}_{2}\) with 2-cyanopyridine for enhanced yields of dimethyl carbonate over \(\text {ZnO}\)\(\text {CeO}_{2}\) catalyst

  • Prathap Challa
  • Venkata Rao M
  • Nagaiah P
  • Nagu A
  • David Raju B
  • Rama Rao K SEmail author
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The present work is aimed to produce dimethyl carbonate by coupling of \(\hbox {CH}_{3}\)OH and \(\hbox {CO}_{2}\) with 2-cyanopyridine over ZnO–\(\text {CeO}_{2}\) catalysts prepared by co-precipitation method. These catalysts were characterized by XRD, TEM, UV-Vis DRS, BET surface area, \(\hbox {CO}_{2}\) and \(\hbox {NH}_{3}\)-TPD techniques and applied for the titled reaction. Among the investigated catalysts 10ZnO–90\(\text {CeO}_{2 }\) catalyst with \(\text {CeO}_{2}\) crystallite size 8.0 nm exhibited 96% conversion of methanol with 99% selectivity to dimethyl carbonate. The superior catalytic activity is a unified effect of crystalline size of \(\text {CeO}_{2}\) and presence of an optimum number of acidic and basic sites. This protocol offers enhanced conversion of methanol with the simultaneous conversion of 2-cyanopyridine into 2-picolinamide by removing water molecules formed in the reaction.

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Incorporation of ZnO with \(\text {CeO}_{2}\) enhanced the number of active sites, i.e., acidic and basic sites due to synergetic effect between ZnO and \(\text {CeO}_{2}\). The role of 2-cyano pyridine is to act as a dehydrating agent for the removal of \(\hbox {H}_{2}\hbox {O}\).


Dimethyl carbonate methanol carbon dioxide 2-cyano pyridine acid-base property 


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  2. 2.Catalysis and Fine Chemicals DepartmentCSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical TechnologyHyderabadIndia

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