PEG-SO3H as a catalyst in aqueous media: A simple, proficient and green approach for the synthesis of quinoline derivatives


A convenient and efficient method was developed for the synthesis of quinolines, an important class of potentially bioactive compounds. The quinoline derivatives were prepared in water, an excellent solvent in terms of environmental impact and with reduced waste production. PEG-SO3H effectively catalysed the one-pot synthesis of quinolines by the condensation of o-aminoaryl ketones and carbonyl compound with high yields (75–95%). The compounds were isolated by simple filtration in a high purity form.

One-pot synthesis of quinoline derivatives have been developed by the condensation of o-aminoaryl ketones and carbonyl compounds in the presence of PEG-SO3H as green catalyst. The quinoline derivatives were prepared in water, an excellent solvent in terms of environmental impact, with high yields (75–95%).

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We acknowledge the Birjand University Research Council for support to carry out this work.

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  • Poly (ethylene glycol)-bound sulphonic acid
  • quinoline
  • aqueous media
  • green chemistry