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Morse potential in DNA molecule – An experiment proposal


We rely on the helicoidal Peyrard-Bishop model for DNA dynamics. Interaction between nucleotides at a same site belonging to different strands is modelled by a Morse potential energy. This potential depends on two parameters that are different for AT and CG pairs, which is a possible source for inhomogeneity. It was shown recently (Zdravković and Satarić 2011) that certain values of these parameters bring about a negligible influence of inhomogeneity on the solitonic dynamics. We propose an experiment that should be carried out in order to determine the values of both of these parameters.

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We want to thank to Dejan Milutinovich for his technical help and to the unknown referee for his/her useful suggestions and directions for future research.

This research was supported by funds from Serbian Ministry of Education and Sciences, grants III45010 and OI171009.

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Correspondence to Slobodan Zdravković.

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[Zdravković S and Satarić MV 2012 Morse potential in DNA molecule – An experiment proposal. J. Biosci. 37 1–4] DOI

Corresponding editor: Basuthkar J Rao

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  • DNA molecule
  • experiment proposal
  • helicoidal Peyrard-Bishop model
  • micromanipulative experiments