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One-pot synthesis of hydroxyapatite–silica nanopowder composite for hardness enhancement of glass ionomer cement (GIC)

  • ISMAIL AB RAHMANEmail author


Hydroxyapatite–silica nanopowder composite was prepared using one-pot sol–gel technique. The morphology of the powder consists of a mixture of spherical silica particles (∼30 nm) embedded within the elongated hydroxyapatite (∼103 nm). The synthesized nanoparticles were incorporated into commercial glass ionomer cement (GIC) and Vickers hardness was evaluated. Results shown that the addition of the nanopowder composite gave ∼73% increment in the hardness compared to the pure GIC. Higher content of hydroxyapatite–silica nanopowder resulted in dense cement and produced a stronger GIC and the application of this material with improved hardness property might lead to extend the clinical indications, especially in stress bearing areas.


Hydroxyapatite–silica nanopowder sol–gel technique glass ionomer cement hardness 



Financial support of this research work is given by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education under fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS/203/PPSG/6171138) is highly acknowledged. Authors also thank Ms Quah Su Yin for doing part of the work.


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