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Role of aluminium addition on structure of Fe substituted Fe73·5 − x Si13·5B9Nb3Cu1Al x alloy ribbons

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The investigation has dealt with the structure and magnetic properties of rapidly solidified and annealed Fe73·5 − x Si13·5B9Nb3Cu1Al x (x = 0, 2, 4, 6 at%) ribbons prepared by melt spinning. Complete amorphous structure was obtained in as-spun ribbons of x = 0 and 2 at% compositions, whereas structure of ribbons containing higher Al was found to be partially crystalline. Detailed thermal analyses of the alloys and the melt spun ribbons revealed that the glass forming ability in the form of \({{ \textit{T}}}_{\mathbf{x}}{/}{{ \textit{T}}}_{\mathbf{l}}\) (ratio between crystallization and liquidus temperature) is the highest for 2 at% Al alloys and decreases with further addition of Al. Annealing of all as spun ribbons resulted in the precipitation of nanocrystalline phase embedded in amorphous matrix in the form of either \({ \textit{DO}}_{{ 3}}\) phase or bcc \({\upalpha}\)-Fe(Si/Al) solid solution depending on the initial composition of the alloy. Only bcc \({\upalpha}\)-Fe(Si/Al) solid solution was formed in 2 at% Al ribbons whereas ordered DO3 structure was found to be stabilized in other ribbons including 0 at% Al. A detailed study on determination of precision lattice parameter of nanocrystalline phase revealed that the lattice parameter increases with the addition of Al indicating the partitioning behaviour of Al in nanocrystalline phase.


Rapid solidification amorphous nanocrystalline glass forming ability Finemet soft magnetic properties 



The authors would like to acknowledge the help rendered by Dr S Pandian for melting the alloys, Dr A K Singh for XRD and Mr Rajdeep Sarkar for transmission electron microscopy. Thanks are due to Dr G Malakondaiah, Director, DMRL, for his kind support.


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