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Synthesis and up-conversion luminescence of Yb3 + –Ho3 +  co-doped Na(Y1·5Na0·5)F6 nanorods

  • YANG YI ZHANGEmail author


We present the optical up-conversion (UC) study for Yb3 + –Ho3 +  co-doped Na(Y1·5Na0·5)F6 nanorods synthesized by employing a facile hydrothermal method. Numbers of Ho3 +  ion up-conversion emissions have been observed under 980 nm infrared diode laser excitation. Three UC emissions of interest, ultraviolet, violet and blue, are specially identified at 359, 387, 418 and 483 nm, corresponding to \(^{5}{{G}}^{\prime}_{5}{/}^{3}\!{{H}}_{ 6}\to\ ^{ 5}\!{ {I}}_{ 8}\), \(^{ 5}\!{ {G}}_{ 4}{/}^{ 3}\!{ {K}}_{ 7}\to\ ^{ 5}\!{ {I}}_{ 8}\), \(^{ 5}{ {G}}_{ 5}\to\) \(^{ 5}\!{ {I}}_{ 8}\) and \(^{ 5}\!{ {F}}_{ 3}{/}^{ 5}\!{ {F}}_{ 2}{/}^{ 3}\!{ {K}}_{ 8}\to {}^{ 5}\!{ {I}}_{ 8}\) transitions, respectively. It is also found that the centre wavelength of blue UC emission shifts to 475 nm gradually as Ho3 +  concentration decreases. Lastly, a brief analysis about UC mechanism is demonstrated according to the experimental results.


Na(Y1·5Na0·5)F 6 nanorods up-conversion 



This work was partially supported by the Open Project Program (Grant No. 2008-8) of State Key Laboratory of Silicon Materials, Zhejiang University; the Natural Science Project of Chuzhou University (No.2011kj016B); and the Provincial Project of Natural Science Research for Colleges and Universities of Anhui Province of China (No.KJ2013B184 and No.KJ2012B127).


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