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Correlation between diffraction and viscosity data for Bi–Ga molten alloys


Structure of Bi\(_{\boldsymbol{100-x}}\)Ga\(_{\boldsymbol{x}}\) molten alloys containing 38·5, 50, 70 and 91·5 at. % Ga has been studied by means of X-ray diffraction method and compared with viscosity measurements data. Significant changes in the structure factor profile were observed in vicinity of the concentration 70 at. % Ga. The dynamic viscosity coefficient was calculated by use of a statistical atomic distribution model and a Born–Green kinetic theory. The concentration dependence of viscosity is in agreement with change of structure parameters obtained from diffraction data.

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MUDRY, S., YAKYMOVYCH, A., SHTABLAVYI, I. et al. Correlation between diffraction and viscosity data for Bi–Ga molten alloys. Bull Mater Sci 35, 83–87 (2012).

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  • Bi–Ga alloys
  • structure factor
  • X-ray diffraction method
  • viscosity
  • melts