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Application of a Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for Rapid Detection of Cow Components Adulterated in Buffalo Milk/Meat


Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) is a diagnostic method for amplification of DNA with rapid and minimal equipment requirement. In the present study, we applied the LAMP assay for rapid detection of cow components adulteration in buffalo milk/meat samples. The test can be completed within around 1 h 40 min starting from DNA extraction and can be performed in water bath without requirement of thermocycler. The cow DNA in buffalo samples were identified in the developed LAMP assay by either visualizing with SYBR Green I/HNB dyes or observing the typical ladder pattern on gel electrophoresis. The test can detect up to 5 % level of cow milk/meat mixed in buffalo counterparts. Due to the simplicity and specificity, the developed LAMP test can be easily adapted in any laboratory for rapid detection of cow species identification in livestock by products.

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The authors are thankful to the Director, ICAR–CIRC, Meerut for providing necessary facilities to conduct the study. The work was carried out under the financial support of All India Coordinated Project on Cattle, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India. An Indian patent with Application Number 3870/DEL/2015 has been filed.

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The authors declare that, they do not have any kind of conflict of interest for the present study.

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  • LAMP assay
  • Cow components
  • Adulteration
  • Buffalo milk/meat samples